Bière Artisanale de Luxe


There's a quiet revolution brewing in rural France...

Small batch brewing of the highest standard. Taste, aroma & freshness rule!







BDQ Taproom


Here at BDQ we like to approach things differently!

That's why the Taproom is such a unique experience.

There are 4 rotating taps of the freshest, tastiest craft beer & an ever expanding wine list showcasing

some of the finest local vineyards.

There is artisanale lemonade & other soft drinks for kids.

Soak up the sun & enjoy stunning views across the Pyrenees from our south facing terrace or huddle round the wood burner when the nights start to draw in... 


Gigs & events


It's not all about beer!

We also host gigs and screen all the big sporting events LIVE.

Our reputation has been built on hosting gigs & exhibitions that showcase local artists & musicians.

Our pizza soirèes are legendary & we invite local food trucks we can't be bothered to cook ourselves! 



Our musical soirèes have become legendary!

We showcase talented local musicians playing styles as varied as blues, outlaw country, gypsy-folk & ska.

Dancing shoes are obligatotry!




Feeling peckish? Select some of the wonderful local delicacies from our chilled vitrine.

There is a selection of saucisson, chorizo, artisanale ham, terrines, cheese, bread & pickles...

Our maybe try one of our hot homemade panini's - delicious melting gruyere, herbs and mustard. 

All enjoyed from the south facing terrace overlooking the Pyrenees or around the wood-burning stove in Winter !

Bon appétit !


Food trucks


Every weekend we host some of the most popular and exciting food trucks in the region.

Spurred on by the sucess of our Soirée Fish & Chips we now welcome le P'Tit Bonheur (pizzas),

Yodeline (burgers) & Les Travers de Pedro (BBQ ribs)...  

All washed down with one of 4 chilled beers on tap!


Beer Truck 


Introducing the BDQ FAB. Fab is an acronym for Fourgon à Bière.

And thats exactly what it is - a mobile Taproom converted from a vintage Peugeot J7!

It's usually found lurking around local night markets, weddings & fêtes...



Perfect for weddings, parties and other events,

it is quite literallly a fully fledged bar on wheels.

We turn up, plug in and within minutes are pouring delicious craft beer.

There are 2 craft keg taps, pull-out vitrine & refrigerated back bar which is stocked with our full range of our bottled beers & local wine.



BDQ Taproom & Kitchen
BDQ Chalabre (Brasserie)
BDQ Chalabre (Bureau)

4 Route Departmentale, 117

11230 Puivert, France

Taproom: +33 677 92 56 89

1 Rue du Capitane Danjou

11230 Chalabre, France

Brasserie: +33 677 92 56 89 

1 Rue du Capitane Danjou

11230 Chalabre, France

Bureau: +33 677 92 56 89 



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L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.

La consommation d’alcool est vivement déconseillée aux femmes enceintes. La vente d'alcool à des mineurs de moins de 18 ans est interdite. En accédant à nos offres, vous déclarez avoir 18 ans révolus.

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